Specializes in: Illustration | Design | Animation

Jesse Brown is a Seattle based multidisciplinary visual artist specializing in design, illustration, and animation. His work is often an exploration in geometric forms, pattern, typography, shape and repetition.

Jesse employs a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, design, typography, sculpture, murals, installation, textile and video. His work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London and Paris.


Clients | Press

Rudy's Barbershops, Starbucks, Toms Shoes, Quiksilver, Seattle Art Museum, Le Labo, Urban Artworks, Imperial Motion, Die Gestalten, Sound Transit, University of North Carolina, Dirty Bearings, Vice, Empty, Lumpen, Seattle Times, Art&Design, Time Out Chicago, Seattle Weekly, Chicago Art Review and Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.